Stink Bugs

All of my children are afraid of insects and spiders. Now, I, too, am afraid- but since hubby is the most afraid, I have to be the grown up and catch and kill them. Hubby says I should let them outside- and sometimes I do… but much of the time, I flush.

What you should know, is this pandemic- coupled with the near death diagnosis, has added a heightened fear within my kids. However, this post is dedicated to my son- who is the second most afraid person in the house (after hubby).

This evening, we were finally reading a CBT book on anxiety- as I figured, it’s time; after all, the kids are on weekly sessions. So, there we were, reading in my bed- talking, discussing, collaborating and bonding, when….

Out of nowhere, a stink bug began flying around my room. Naturally, my son noticed well before I did and by the time my eyes saw it zooming all around, my son was already under the covers.

*Something else you should know is he has skinned many a knee diving “under” things to hide. I once blogged about a car ride home from Long Island, NY… and swerving into a driveway because my son eyed a bee and he nearly ricocheted out of the car – to freedom.

So there we were- my son under the covers and me- trying to find where I last heard the bug “land.” What you also need to know is that I need to suffocate my own shrills from the surprise of them dropping onto something that is usually within inches of me, because any panic will bury my son into this blackhole of anxiety.

Unfortunately for both of us, we are no longer reading the workbook, rather, we are sitting here in silence- looking all around, and waiting….


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