All I wanted was for my living room to be painted, so that I can resume my pseudo normal life, and decorate. That’s all I wanted- in fact, I even said to hubby, we can paint it ourselves if you don’t want anyone in here.

Today, we were to have the deck painted by the men who’ve been working outside. However, with the spitting of rain in the atmosphere, hubby said to me, “they can paint today.”

Music to my ears!! Quickly we both started to move shit out of our living room (and small den) and either carried it to the basement (or as my mother calls it, “a lower level- since it has a walk out,”) or we shoved it out the front door so the men could take it from outside to the lower level.

Within 25 minutes, both rooms were emptied and plastic was placed around all open areas to keep germs away from me and mine. But, as life would have it, no tape is that strong, coupled with two of the front doors wide open and dogs running amuck, it has started to come down.

Nevertheless, I am still in the kitchen doing my work-away from it all, when I call hubby to ask him to come in and re-tape the plastic. However, he cryptically told me to look out the front window so that I could see what’s what.

Three cop cars and a crazy female worker- (probably pissed because I didn’t let her use my bathroom two days ago) are in the driveway- some dispute.

Now, I am not sure if we illegally had them into the home- like is there an ordinance? Are they illegal? And lastly, will my living room be painted prior to them having to leave?

Whilst contemplating the back and forth in my head, I hear two police officers enter my home to talk to one of the male workers about the lady with a story outside. The men stop working, they are talking to the officers, my dog is being “petted” as they roam back and forth through the plastic opening that has fallen, and I am debating if I should just find some make-shift gurney and lay in the foyer- waiting for death.

No Bueno.

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