March of the Penguins

The other day I was in the kitchen, on a zoom call with several people, while my middle child was grazing at the table. For whatever reason, I was discussing the male Emperor Penguin and how they take the egg from its mother and watch it while the mother gets food. Any who… I was discussing how difficult it must be for the penguins to carry this egg upon their feet and continue with their daily routine of huddling to a larger spot.

Me: I want you to imagine…no, wait! I want you to get a ball or a pair of rolled up socks, and try to carry it on your feet to see how difficult it is.

Person 1: I did it! It’s not hard at all.

Me: Tilt your camera so I can see your feet.

Person 1: (tilted camera) See? It’s easy.

Me: You can’t squeeze your ball.

Now, it’s important to note that while I was busy coaching my people walking around their rooms like a penguin, my daughter was quietly uttering something. The first several times I did not hear because my brain can only focus on one thing.

Person 2: I got it too!

Me: Friends, let me remind you that your balls represent a fragile egg… you cannot squeeze it between your feet, you must gently place it on top, keep your legs closed and arms by your sides… and slowly try to move.

Daughter: That’s what she said. 


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