War Games

My son’s laptop has been at the repair shop for weeks- as they were waiting for a part to arrive. Well, after what has felt like a year, hubby called a few minutes ago to inquire about our son’s pin code.

Hubby: Tbe people at the store need son’s pin code.

Me: OK, I’ll go and ask him.

Me: (to son) What is your passcode for your laptop? Daddy needs it.

Son: (just waking up- mumbles)  Death.

Me: Deaf?

Son: Death

Me: Deaf??

Son: D.E.A.T.H.

Hubby: Did he say deaf?

Me: No, DEATH.

Hubby: I have to call the store and tell them it’s death?

Me: Yep.

A few minutes go by and the phone rings again….

Hubby: It’s not death. Ask him what his pin code is- it should be a number.

Me: Son, it’s not death. It should be a number.

Son: (still asleep) Poop on Bread.

Hubby: Click.

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