Bounty: The Quicker Picker Upper

This evening I was talking to my cousin out west when he told me how someone he knew was making masks using sheets and pillow cases. I informed him that I, too, had made them out of sheets and pillow cases and he told me he had about 4 masks. The key thing he mentioned, was that he was able to wash them each night and never run out. Here is where I tried to explain, a better alternative.

Cousin: How was your Mother’s Day?

Me: It was good, I basically slept all day and then did some sewing- I keep making masks.

Cousin: Are you selling masks or you give them away?

Me: I give them away.

Cousin: I have about 3 or 4 of them- a friend was making them out of table cloths, pillow cases, sheets, etc. Now, I can wear one and when I wash it, I have another.

Me: You should buy a panty liner and use that on the inside of your mask.

Cousin: What’s a panty liner?

Me: It’s what girls use in their panties.

Cousin: What’s the material like- netting?

Me: (thinking) Its kinda like a diaper but not.

Cousin: Where do you use it?

Me: I personally use it for a tray liner when I’m serving Lox, but most women wear it in their panties- hence the name.

Cousin: Why would you put it in your mask?

Me: Well, some people get runny noses or when they talk, it just catches the spit? I don’t know…

Cousin: Like, how would it catch it?

Me: I don’t know- Google it! I don’t know how else to explain a panty liner.

Feeling a sense of defeat on not being able to properly convey how great a panty liner is inside the mask- the part that goes on over your mouth and nose, I tried one last time.

Me: It’s what women wear to catch jizz.

Cousin: Oh, why didn’t you just say that? It’s a jizz catcher.

And just like that, he understood. 

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