Nancy Drew

Later on last evening, after I’d finally fallen back to sleep, my eldest woke up again, saying she got no sleep because she was having leg pains-and was freezing.
So, I reached over my side of the bed to put the heating blanket on, got out of bed to checked the thermostat- (squinting to see 66 degrees, because I had just woken from a 4 hour marathon) and put the heat on. Afterwards, I walked over to the windows to close them- mind you- I am in tank top, and feel not a chill. Next, I closed the drapes since she complained she was up all night, and began my venture downstairs.
Noticing a pile of shit en route to kitchen to get her Motrin, a drink and a banana (can’t take Motrin on an empty stomach) – I also grabbed some paper towels- which is equivalent to grabbing a brick of gold. Keep in mind, that I am now awake for roughly 6 minutes-  but knew enough to place a paper towel over the POS, to discourage anyone who may not see it (just Hubby) from stepping on it.
As I walked back towards the stairs-  I noticed upon closer inspection, that the pile was at least 6 hours old- although I did not feel the covered mound to gauge a temperature reading- noticed what appeared to have – what looked like the shape of one’s heal.
So now I have to walk back and retrace my steps to the kitchen to make sure there is not an invisible to the quick glancefoot prints and do the same up close and personal mission to see if someone of the human race dragged it upstairs.
Now it’s 14 minutes, I am wandering around my 66 degree house in a tank- unscathed by the chill my family complains of-  get back into my now darkened room to give my sleepless – leg cramping – deer loving child her banana and Motrin- and she is fast asleep.
Most likely to the credit of the heat blanket and closed shades.

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