Keep Your Hands In The Air

Last night I performed a Raid on my two eldest children’s rooms. That’s right- using the most precise scaling techniques to quietly enter Kid 1’s room without Kid 2 realizing what was about to go down, I carefully turned her doorknob and busted into her room- with one finger over my mouth, and the other hand “waving/pointing” at her electronics.

Instantly, she pushed with one hand her laptop to me- when I noticed her other hand was under the covers, trying to hide her cell. As if I didn’t know exactly what electronics I would be confiscating on that evening’s raid- I motioned for her to give it to me- when she started to use her best quiet voice.

Realizing she was trying to alert her sister – via the opened Jack and Jill bathroom, I made a quick decision to  SWAT team into Kid 2’s room- before she had a chance to hide her stash.

After what felt like 4 minutes, I had 2 laptops, 2 iPads and 2 iPhones – however, one was a fake! That’s right, while frantically trying to hide my loot, I noticed that my middle child decided to give me the Red Herring (old iPhone)! Realizing my faux pas for not realizing this sooner, I went back into her room- Elion style, just as she was trying to hide her real phone, in her pillow case.

Honestly, it was as if my girls were from the last season of OITNB- one step away from hiding it in…..

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