Sophie’s Choice

The other day I went to visit the cancer center- as one of its newest members to the club. Aside from being the youngest one there by a good 25 years, and the only one wearing eye make up and maternity clothing to accommodate my Fecus, I also was the only one with two companions.

Now, it was my first appointment so I wasn’t going to go alone…. and both my mother and hubby wanted to attend, so they both came. The woman behind the desk however, was trying to inform me that  I was supposed to come alone- but I quickly said, “I was a minor.” (And, given the waiting room and my juvenile eyes and eyebrows, I could have been)

After a few minutes, the woman called me to the back and started to walk and realized, I needed to choose my companion. Looking at my mother who wanted to be with me, and then at hubby who works in the cancer field, I made the quick decision to bring him- but face time my mother. However, as he and I both started to walk back towards the woman, she informed me….

Your father should wait in the lobby; we’ll come back for him a bit.

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