Let’s Go, Dad

When it was time for daddy and me to go back to see the doctor, I felt badly my mom was on face time but thought with hubby’s experience, it was ok. When we were back in the room, I took out my baby log and went through my questions.

Doctor: So how are you feeling?

Me: Ok. Actually… can I start with my questions?

Doctor: Sure!

Me: Can I have my housekeeper come if I wait outside all day?

Doctor: It’s not really a good idea since we don’t know if she has it and it would be very bad if you got sick. (that is the gist).

Me: OK… Can I go to my friend’s houses?

Doctor: Sure- as long as you stay outside, don’t touch anything and stay 10 feet away with a mask.

Me: Not 6 feet and without the mask?

Doctor: If you weren’t sick, I would say it may be ok… but the mask is for your protection not theirs, so 10 feet apart and with masks.

Me: Can I get my hair done- if it is outside and they wear a mask?

Hubby: I can’t believe how many questions you have!

Me: (to hubby) That’s only 3?

Doctor: Again, if you weren’t sick… but… (or at least, that’s what I recall).

Me: Can I be in the sun? Will the medicine cause me to burn?

Doctor: We don’t really now because its a new drug… and there are photo-sensitivities  you could develop…. so, we really don’t want you getting burned right now….(that’s the gist)

Me: Can I drink alcohol?

Hubby: What?? You don’t even drink!

Doctor: If she wants to drink, she can- so yes, you can. but in moderation.

Me: Can you define moderation?

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