Could You Please…. OK.

Some days are better than others- meaning: some mornings I wake up coughing, and other times I don’t. Some times I can speak a full sentence, and other times it takes longer for me to catch my breath, cough and restart.

Meanwhile, allow me to paint an analogy….

When you are watching a news station and perhaps they go “live to…..” someone on location. The person on location (or depending on whether the location person says, “now back to you Bob”….) usually has a stupid grin on their face…. as they wait for the “delay” to pass and they can hear the question. That delay can be annoying.

In any event, often I am trying to get my point across, and in my brain I know I would be saying faster if I could…. but it comes out in spurts…. where the easiest thing is to just



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