When my kids were born, my baby nurses all told me to keep a journal. They wanted me to note how often they shit, peed, nursed, burped, etc. And for a long time I kept these! Naturally, most of my mother’s generation of peers felt that was ridiculous. In any event, I am able to remind my children how firm or not their fecal matter was.

Flash forward, I now have to keep a journal for how I am feeling, shitting, sleeping, etc. That’s right, I have a composition book and record if I shit and how it was, how much I drink and sleep… how my pinky feels and how my left eye looks…. etc. etc etc.

The good news is, I found my Instacart shopping list on day 8 of my book- so it looks like I should add prune juice to my cart. After-all, isn’t that what you would find in the notes section of any given nursing home’s patients’ daily log?


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