…But You May Die

The other day my doctor told me the things I am able to do- one of which is go for a walk. It’s been a long time since I’ve walked anywhere- and it is not as if I have the energy. Alas, I asked- should the urge arise, if walking was a good idea- and she said yes.

Today, I went to the hospital to visit two geriatric doctors. On the one end of the hospital, I went to the Pulmonary doctor for a quick vaccine- typically prescribed for seniors. Aside from the “what to expect?” sheet given by the technician, the needle felt like any other.

En route to my cardiologist- I stopped to do a mental layout of the hospital- to determine if walking outside of the building would get me where I needed to be, faster… or if I should stay inside. Opting to stay inside, a kind man (around my age) offered to show me the best way to get there- as he was also going in that direction.

At first, I was able to keep a nice walking pace- much like women my age walk when they have to sneeze and urinate (really, really badly). So, I had a bit of a hustle to my gait- despite the ten pounds of fiber staycationing in my stomach. However it was maybe 4 minutes into my spralk, that I realized, I have little lung capacity.

Not wanting to have this man walk slow because of my misfortune- especially since it doesn’t look like I am knocking on heaven’s door, I told him I knew the way and he didn’t have to show me. Yet, chivalry didn’t want to die and this man insisted.

Me: Really, it’s OK, I know where I am going.

Man: It’s OK- I have to go near there anyhow.

Me: Are you sure? I really can find my way.

Man: NO problem at all!

Me: Oh that is very kind of you- if you’re sure you don’t mind.

Man: Really- not a big deal!

So… by the time I arrived for my EKG, I was sweating, exhausted and panting. Needless to say, I did consider just laying down on the hallway floors just so I could be medevaced to my car.

As for the doctor’s suggestion…. sure, you could take a walk….

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