While I’m On A Roll

Let’s just talk caskets. Why must they be the typical brown/black or white lacquer finish- with a cream or white satin inside?

You all remember the first time you went to get your own shoes at the store or got to sit on the booster when getting a haircut. The first time you chose the bike you would ride or the bed you would have post crib. The excitement one had over whatever newness would come their way…. well, why not make that feeling come back for one last time?

Perhaps for the sports car fanatic, a fancy toboggan-esk sports car for one could take some of the doom out of the deal. Racing stripes and even an Evil Kenevil type outfit for the rest of honor (helmet included!).

Or for the Music loving departed, a musical note shaped casket with their favorite ballad or song a-fixed to the top (added features could be casket stickers of every concert they attended).

Now, so many options for the chef of the family- perhaps a big oven shaped casket… with an actual timer and clock as well- to eternally display the TOD. Or, a single he/she shed for one…. with a faux picket fence painted on the outside.

Could you imagine the load off one would feel if they actually chose something (and it could be a surprise for their loved ones to see the day of) that means so much to them??

Don’t even get me started on themed gravesites… the ideas are endless.

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mom of 3
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