The Devil Wears Faded

A few years back I made a comment on FB that rings true today- and its about the dressing gowns one has to wear when seeing certain doctors. For example, when visiting your General Practitioner for your annual visit, you would typically get a blue gown but when visiting the Gyno, you typically get a faded raspberry. Regardless the drab color- they all make the person wearing them immediately look ill (and shabby).

Additionally, the patient rooms themselves are just so blah- so I had had this thought that different types of doctors should offer more than the standard Cuckoo’s Nest gown/experience.

Here are my ideas- in no particular order…

OBGYN: Hawaiian/Tropical patterns and perhaps each room could have a theme- perhaps Maui, Fiji, St. Thomas, etc. Could you imagine being walked into a beautifully decorated office, with the sounds of water falls and island music playing- it would totally cut down on the awkward silence from the time they “knock knock” until they say, “your script will be at the front desk.”

Annual Physicals- the rooms would have more of a “southern” hotel charm….or very Bed and Breakfast in Vermont style as well… and the gowns could be more of a polka dot, gingham or seersucker print.

Mammogram visits- Now this could go several ways but I’m thinking more of a transportation motif- with passengers both standing and sitting on a subway- the hand holding loops could be strewn around the ceiling to enhance the experience of being on a tram or subway…. I mean, after all, we, too have to hold our hands and arms in all sorts of odd positions – so this could alleviate the entire vision in our own mind’s eye.

Prostate exams could have your typical Golf scenery or any professional sports’ background. Perhaps even a crowded bar scene with loud “chatter,” to also distract from the reality of the situation.

Now, I am not yet sure whether Oncologist appointments require one to be in a gown…. but I’m thinking more of a Dead Man Walking theme may be best.

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