She Wore An Enormous Yellow Polka Dot Fabric

It’s not like I am even that hungry…. but in my mind I feel like I need that one thing fulfilling and sweet dessert to stop my racing brain. I mean, sure, I could eat an entire bag of special pretzels and mustard….. get up from the table, walk to the pantry to put the bag away and stop and stare inside the cabinet for what might taste good??

Imagine eating food…. but somewhere between the esophagus and stomach the food disappears into thin air. You knew you chewed the food but your stomach isn’t filled and your brain is still waiting to be fed.

Only, in my case, the food is going all the way down (well, not all the way down because I’m constipated) but my brain is failing to receive the satisfied  signal.

Therefore, the only polka dot material I’ll be wearing is one that fits a family sized picnic table.


About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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