A few weeks ago, C.E. (cancer era) I decided it was no time like the present to go through my iPhone and delete my contacts. More specifically, contacts that I don’t necessarily call on a regular basis- were deleted. Please note: they were only deleted because I was going through my phone to make life easier for anyone who would be looking at my phone. Now, you could say or think that this is morbid, but that is what I did.

In any event, within the past two weeks I’ve received numerous texts and calls from “unknown” callers. In the beginning, I would simply reply, “I’m good, thanks for asking,” and waited for the follow up text to try to figure out who it was. As the weeks went by, I did not want to appear too nondescript, so I decided to guess who was calling based on the exchange, and asked how their (insert name) child was.

Needless to say, it was not who I thought it was and was called out. Not called out, but the caller identified themselves as someone else’s mother.

Now, I’m getting anonymous calls by the day, and I’ve decided to just ask, “who is this?”

However, let it be known that for years these contacts were in my phone and rarely did I ever hear from them- so isn’t it just my luck that now they’re calling and I have to ask like a shmuck who the fuck it is- like I’m some superstar who doesn’t recognize its former friend.

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