Elmo’s App

I’m a baby. I don’t watch the news-  I could still be an untainted juror on the OJ Trial since I have no idea of anything that went down- other than my mother dressed in her finest velvet robe and carried her legal pad to the den each morning-night.

I “hide” any political or dog abuse posts from Facebook, and “hmmmm. mmmmm mmmmmm” if I hear anyone ask, “did you know …..?”

So, you understand, I don’t like hearing bad things and I prefer my bubble. In fact, I was annoyed when I had nicely created bubbles for my children- and they learned about world news one afternoon in Hebrew School.

Anyway, I was thinking- if I could create one thing that many people would want- like an App, it would be Doctor Elmo. Now, you may be thinking- why would anyone want to hear from Dr. Elmo- as in the Sesame Street hit sensation in red- and well, it is quite obvious to me and perhaps- others like me.

For example, I remember one episode where they had an autistic child on the show and Elmo was explaining to the other children that it’s ok to be different and all about Autism. Another time Elmo was explaining why one kid spoke another language and another had to wear leg braces. (Google them them- they were excellent).

Rather than a doctor- say an oncologist or pulmonary doctor, just dishing out a diagnosis, a patient could say, “hang on a moment, let me see if Dr. Elmo can help me understand,” and touch the app.

Now this part I would have to work out- but the doctor(s) could text what they want to say, or screenshot a bunch of reports, or just give one of those- “yeah, its really bad looks into the camera,” and Elmo could translate.

I think I’d much rather hear Dr. Elmo- in his little, funny voice say, “Oh, you have a boo boo here and here and there but all you need to do is rest, take your special vitamins and you’ll be good as new.”

Isn’t that much better than, “It’s not the news I was hoping for- in fact, we’re all shocked… time is ticking” (of course, I am paraphrasing or reading between the mines).


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