1 AM at Any Given Hotel

For a long time I’ve regretted not buying a home in a development or community where there is an abundance of kids at any given time- and my choice of where to grab that “egg” for baking.

Usually, I feel that way during Halloween- because we enjoy trick or treating where the houses are close enough to walk door to door. (In my neighborhood, we would have to drive the kids from house to house- because they’re too far away.)

I always felt we missed out on street parties, get togethers… and just those great times where kids could find other kids to play with at any hour.

Fast forward to the current time: Quarenterona. I have literally never seen so many walkers, bikers or families out and about- walking, strolling, etc. It is like Day of the Living Dead- where all these corpses are coming out from beyond and jaunting about my street. The difference from before the pandemic and now is like moving from the country to a city.

I’m saying all this because at this moment, 9:45pm, I am listening to the family across the street who I assumed all had a sun allergy- outside, being jovial and playing in their driveway- kicking cans (I can tell) and sitting around their nonfire, just shooting the shit at the one point in their driveway that echos right into my opened window.

I know we all have to stay nearby our homes and have some limitations for connection- but between the daytime traffic and nightly “collegiate” activities- this has  got to end!



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