Patients In Group 5, May Read Now

I started to think about all the things the internet has done for us as a society- for example, TED talks, Meditation sites, How to build your own garden or change the blade on your chain saw, and the list goes on and on.

And then I thought about my simple “feelings,” and how I typed those into the search browser and came back with NC-17 content on my side effects. Now, if one were on a plane going down – wouldn’t you want someone on the speaker to say that everything would be ok? “We’re going to make it!”… In fact, it would be detrimental to hear the reality, “it was nice knowing you.”

Well the same rule should apply when searching up possible side effects to medications. For example, maybe some people would be ok hearing, “yeah, and that’s just the beginning….” while others may need to hear, “It will get better but….” while most may need to hear, “it goes away.”

So I feel there should be a color coded rating for all advice groups or support groups. For example, Red. Red could be as blunt as a haircut- you’re sick and the jury is out. Orange could be- you’re sick but the chances are better than they were years ago. Yellow could be-  you’re sick and will feel blah for x days but …. Green could be- you’re sick but will be better in a few months. Blue could be- you’re sick but you’ll soon feel better. Lastly, Purple could be- could you believe you were once sick?

If for no other purpose than to allow those (like me) who want to read from others that they’re going to be ok- without the added paranoia or anxiety attack over all the possible outcomes.


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