Why Don’t You Just Close Your Windows?

That’s a good question- why would I continue to keep my windows ajar, knowing that the birds begin their symphony so early?

Well, for starters, I live with people who need their bedtime air quality at a cozy 70 degrees and since the thermostat is in my room, my room gets hot first and theirs remains chilly.

Yes, I’ve tried going to the attic and reconfiguring the vents’ flow situation- and somehow it then ruins everyone else’s room temp. Perhaps when this quarantine is over, I’ll have the HVAC man come for the zillionth time to try to figure the flow- but for now, stay with me.

Since my room is the hottest, I usually have to wait until they’re all tucked in their rooms to lower the thermostat to 67. In the meantime, I open my windows, put on my fan and then get under my electric blanket. Yes, my electric blanket- I need my legs warm and my face cold.

So…. while my own children sleep til lun-ner, I figured I’d start my day with the 400 birds just outside my window, mentally preparing for the 15 meals I’d be making my kids from 4pm-10-pm.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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