Funny, Not Funny

When my grandfather lived with us, there were many things to get used to. For instance, when it was any meal time…. the food was not hot enough, tasty enough… done enough. Additionally, he would stand up and toot his own horn.

At first, we had the natural reaction that one would have was time when the head of the family would pass gas; we would toss glances and try not to laugh. As time went on however, we learned to ignore it as best we could.

Fast forward to me… I asked my mother to bring me one of her raisin challahs – for the hopes that it would trigger my appetite, only to take one bite and have an unpleasant taste in my mouth. I can’t exactly describe it but I’ll try: imagine the taste of sweet & low on any food you eat- or Stevia or Tuvia +  Cilantro. The foods I love just taste… too sweet but in a bitter type of way.

Oh… and this evening, when I got up to talk to one of the many mental therapists who call my household, I farted.

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