Delivery for Rochelle Rochelle

Please do not think I am a gift horse or pain in the ass- but as a member of the jewish community …. details are vital.

Today I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers- you know, since I’m sick. Anyway, they are gorgeous, my house looks happy and alive (such a facade) and as a Jew, its important to get out the thank you notes right away.

When I asked my mother to read the card to me, she said, “we love you, ….. love the Cohens.” Now, I’ll put it into terms that the majority would comprehend….. it would be the equivalent to saying, “from the Smiths.” What I mean is… there’s hundreds of them.

To be more specific, all Jews came from three tribes: Cohen, Levite and Israelites. Now maybe there are branches within the three- that I’m unclear of… but every Jews knows of the big “3.”

…Which means, there are Cohens, Cohns, Kohns, and Kohans….. which means that at least 14 people in my network of friends are one of any of the above. So, after calling the florist to ask which Cohen it was, I can now properly thank the wonderful family vs. sending out 13 thank you notes.

Perhaps in a Jewish community, as a store owner, one should perhaps recommend listing family names vs. “the steins.”

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