Chicken of the Sea …. Again

My mother came over to make fried matzoh for my kids. It took my middle child til 2:30pm to show up for breakfast and whence she did… she asked what the soggy food was.

Kid: What’s this wet matzoh?

Bubbie: It’s fried matzoh; you asked for it yesterday.

Kid (looking at me) Oh.

Me: Just try it.

Kid: (pointing to slime) What’s that?

Bubbie: It’s egg.

Kid: I kinda gave up eggs awhile ago.

Bubbie: You have to use egg to make it; stop being ridiculous and find the love!

Kid: (staring at me; picking at the food) Eggs are dead chickens that never got born.

Me: Not every egg is supposed to be a chicken; it depends who lays it.

Kid: (eye squint; mouth twist)

…..And then it hit me… hens can’t lay eggs *(or whichever is the boy).

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mom of 3
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