Meditation App

Everyone’s asked if I’ve tried yoga or done any meditation apps to relax- and up until last evening, my answer was no.

My daughter had put an app on my iPhone, and since my son couldn’t sleep, I decided to give it a “go.”

Within the first 30 seconds, the man’s voice got on my nerves- but it was more what he was saying- re: his reputation.

App man: I began meditating 6 years ago in Istanbul. I spent 6 months in silent meditation for 14-16 hours a day and what I realized is, that everyone has fleeting thoughts- and that’s normal. To think one could meditate for more than a minute without another memory or thought popping into your head, is unrealistic. …….

In any event, I deleted the App because I spent the next 20 minutes wondering what his problem was to go into some meditation isolation to not speak, concerned, agitated, fraught with questions, and annoyed. …. Freak.

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