Cats Got My Tongue

Today’s post will not be funny- although I see some of you finally accepted my “like.”

Since I do not want to talk to anyone- I am going to run through the whole shebang – as short as I can.

Before the B’not mitzvah I had chest pain- I figured it was costochondritis since I’d had it (or so they thought) two years ago.

The only relief I felt is if the kids would “press” on my sternum.

At the party I felt a little hot, nauseated and that’s when I took out my hair extensions and changed clothing.

Three weeks ago I had met with a cardiologist- did some tests- a cat scan with contrast and he wanted to rule out a blood clot. Who knew that could be a better option. ?

I had to wait two weeks (two days ago) for a bronchospy- that lasted a long time! Anyhow, yesterday I found out it was lung cancer.

It’s in both lungs and has decided to travel throughout my body. I mean, you can guess the stage and you can imagine my fear. For once, I am finally not hungry- who knew?

Anyhow, I got blood work yesterday for a liquid biopsy, I will find out in about a week and then after that, it will be about a week to receive possible treatment.

Do I want phone calls? No. I don’t want anything. Keep my kids in your thoughts- and me.

I am aware of positive thinking- something that is not in my nature but now is not the time to be negative.

I am grateful to the outpouring of kind words- but for once, I don’t want to talk on the phone, text, or anything. I know you want to be there- and I know you are.

And, that is enough.


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