When I’m Able To Yell…..

I will take my middle child down. That’s right! I cannot move. I cannot talk. I cannot catch my breathe. I cannot stop coughing (and currently, with what looks like a period coming out of my mouth). And that little girl is calling for me from another room- as if I am able to answer her; correction, as if she is able to hear me.

I went downstairs to make something to eat- I am 2.7 sheets to the wind, yet I told her to come down if she wants food. Naturally, she decided to mosey on down when I was back upstairs. Now, she’s impatient, yelling for me to tell her how to make oatmeal (Google is only available when she’s looking up possible diagnosis for her mother; self help searches must be blocked.)

As best I could, I used my cell to converse with her but because she was none too thrilled that I wasn’t down there helping her- she hung up on me.

Now, there is much I cannot wait to do when I am more mobile. Here is the list….

A walk- nothing spectacular, but a walk nonetheless.

Talking without closing my airways.

Sitting/laying without disturbing my airways.

Last but not least, yelling at my fucking daughter for being a selfish, self-centered xx.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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