Won’t You Distance, Neighbor?

I haven’t seen so many families out and about- bike riding, walking, and playing tennis- since I lived on a Kibbutz. However, the difference here is that nobody is friendly.

The other day, my son and I were riding our bikes when we saw a woman walking her dog. As soon as she saw us coming, she crossed the road. Now, the only one who should be crossing the road is me and my son- since I’ve tested negative for this virus and we are the “safe” ones. …But I didn’t say anything…. other than, “hi.”

However, when my “hi” was ignored, that’s when I went into psycho mode…. aka: a coughing fit whilst turning around to go in the same direction.

Now, I don’t need to be friendly- and I am perfectly fine walking past someone- looking them in the eyes and ignoring them back…..but when you see families out and about  on Wisteria Lane– act as if they’re from Elm Street… that’s where I have a problem with people who confuse social distancing with social skills.


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