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Patients In Group 5, May Read Now

I started to think about all the things the internet has done for us as a society- for example, TED talks, Meditation sites, How to build your own garden or change the blade on your chain saw, and the list … Continue reading

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Serves Me Right

It’s been weeks since I’ve been diagnosed and that means its been weeks that I’ve made a conscious effort to not do any searches. Now, typically, BCE, I would search up, “why is my pinky splotched with red marks?” and get a … Continue reading

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Why Don’t You Just Close Your Windows?

That’s a good question- why would I continue to keep my windows ajar, knowing that the birds begin their symphony so early? Well, for starters, I live with people who need their bedtime air quality at a cozy 70 degrees … Continue reading

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That, You Heard?

My kids have been off schedule even before this Covid virus. They sleep all day and are up all night- despite me trying to wake them up repeatedly. For weeks now, I have to literally go into each of the … Continue reading

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If The Shoe Fits

Hate to be repetitive but… it’s ironic that two of our beck and call employees both smoke- all the time. No matter how much I tell them to not smoke on the property, or anywhere my kids are…. or whether … Continue reading

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Isn’t it Ironic?

I’ve dieted most of my adult life…. tried them all; you name it, I did it. That being said, when I found out I had cancer, in the back of my mind I did think….hmmm, weight loss. After all, I … Continue reading

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The thing is, when one has their taste buds askew… and their mouth with the sensation of orajel (gone wrong), most people wouldn’t want to eat. After all, its not as if my stomach is growling and asking for food- … Continue reading

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Funny, Not Funny

When my grandfather lived with us, there were many things to get used to. For instance, when it was any meal time…. the food was not hot enough, tasty enough… done enough. Additionally, he would stand up and toot his own horn. … Continue reading

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Chicken of the Sea …. Again

My mother came over to make fried matzoh for my kids. It took my middle child til 2:30pm to show up for breakfast and whence she did… she asked what the soggy food was. Kid: What’s this wet matzoh? Bubbie: … Continue reading

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Delivery for Rochelle Rochelle

Please do not think I am a gift horse or pain in the ass- but as a member of the jewish community …. details are vital. Today I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers- you know, since I’m sick. Anyway, … Continue reading

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