You Can’t Handle The Truth!

We have this legal document for one of my children- a service agreement so to speak, where the child is awarded more time on tests or quizzes, among other things.

Before each exam, the teachers are supposed to remind her of this extra time- so that she can relax and do a good job. Now, my child is of the age where she is capable of relaying informationĀ verbatim, of her exchanges with each and every teacher.

As I had figured out- and honestly, this wasn’t even a case for Scooby- the girl had failing grades and “all the time” in the world…. ?, so clearly something was getting lost in translation from the document to her teachers.

(put a pin in that)

A few days before winter break, I contacted each of the teachers at the school and let them know I’d be scheduling a meeting to discuss my young one and her grades. Now, I presume not all the teachers were thrilled to receive an email from

The day of winter break, I get a call from the principal- to discuss certain language she used towards a child who’d been bothering her for months- who’d said something about her sibling.

Me: Hello Mr. Principal

Principal: Hello… I just wanted to touch base with you regarding an incident.

Me: Yes- I believe I already know….

Principal: Oh… well, her teacher wanted me to make sure you were aware of the situation…..

Me: Is it the situation where your teachers aren’t following the legal document which requires them to inform my daughter of her extra time on tests and quizzes – for which the law states that any failure to do so requires me to contact the department of education’s office of civil rights that protect students with disabilities? Is it this situation? Or the one where I notified them of her being bullied by a group of tweens and its still ongoing? Please clarify for me, which situation are you calling about?

Principal: Actually, there seems to be some misunderstanding- we just wanted to make sure she was alright…. have a happy holidays!

Me: Bye felicia.

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