Time On My Hands

I have so much I could be doing. For example, I’ve always wanted to be a SAHM and just exercise all day like they do… but I don’t.

I’ve wanted to update the children’s baby books- since two summers ago. In fact, they’re sitting out on my coffee table as if I just put them down for a moment. …Yet, haven’t touched them.

I could paint my living room- but honestly, do I have the motivation to tape the edges?? To scrape the chipped paint? Nah.

Bake? Sure… I sent hubby out for 15 lbs of flour and sugar…. but do I really feel like going into the kitchen and creating more work for myself? No.

Certainly I could clean all the trim along the floor- that could use a cleaning….but again, this requires too much effort.

I did take out a 1000 piece puzzle- I know! As if I have the stamina to even turn over the pieces, let alone place them.

So, what am I doing instead? …To bide the time? I’m laying in Sunday’s jammies- still- watching gravity take hold of my former mammaries, as they now lay on the ground- unable to move…as well.

The one difference is… I’m laying in den vs. my bedroom… so that’s a start.


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mom of 3
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1 Response to Time On My Hands

  1. Hmmm…Full time moms don’t really have the time or energy to exercise all day..would be nice though.


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