Its been so long since I’ve watched television, so it was to my delight that I happened to land on TLC.

This show is about mothers who smother- and boy what a joy! One mother wanted to stalk her 30 year old daughter on a date because “that’s how we do it….” circa 1930 Italy.

Another mother wanted to do pole dancing with her daughter for her birthday and they’re best friends – and the daughter was upset the mother took over her party. After they resolved their fight, the mother was seen on camera dancing with her arms ready to drink with her “best friend.”

The last mother was telling the obstetrician that she was planning on being in the birthing room with her daughter and son in law- and the son in law- schmuck, had already allowed her into the doctor’s office for the private appointment.

Now, it was late and I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I’ve deduced that all these mothers have absolutely no life and live via their daughters- under the guise they’re their best friends.

A better name for the show should be called, Mothers Who Should Have Studied In School.

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