Sleeping With The Enemies

Mostly it’s hubby… but some of the time, it is my children who are also at fault.

The other day I cleaned out the pantry- for the zillionth time. Cereal and breakfasty foods have their own shelf, chips and pretzels have their own…. and then granola bars and quick snacks that are individually packed have their own shelf. The top shelf is just teas, vitamins and gum.

Now, its not as if these shelves go 4 feet deep into the wall; its not like its a morgue closet. So why is it, that my husband… feels the need to open a 3rd bag of chips and then place it, half-open… with the cereal!!

Did he not do puzzles as a child where he had to put shapes into certain holes?? Every afternoon, I come down and glance at the cabinets with a sense of accomplishment… until I see he’s shoved cereal with the chips!

And yes, while the world’s cleanliness is now up to my standards…. this is no time for mutiny.

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