Pillow Talk

Another horrific show is the 90 day fiancee. All I can say is, please watch it- and then watch the follow up show called, “Pillow Talk.” Pillow Talk is by far, the best show I’ve seen since The Office.

This show has former success couples from 90 Day Fiancee- and they comment on the current contestants or losers.

The one episode I saw, happened to have a troll-like man. Now, sure, its something I would say to be funny- but in fact, this man looks like a live troll- stubby arms and all. This man was visiting a woman 30 years his senior- and actually thought she was interested in him for his good looks.

Now, watching this shit unfold with just my son – who’s multitasking on his iPad, is not enjoyable. There’s nobody to really comment to. However, thanks to Pillow Talk- again, what I haphazardly found due to laziness… for I was not getting up to find the remote, turn my frown upside down.

These former love unions, had the exact same reactions and comments that I had, while watching the show!! In fact, this show shows the couples watching the new batch of losers- and literally saying to each other everything I said to myself.

So…. watch it.

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