Move Over Bacon

Remember I mentioned awhile ago that jails could be the new spas for weight loss? That some time alone in a small cell, with bars and 3 crappy meals, could do wonders for one’s figure?

Well, did you know that there could be something even better than weight loss from being incarcerated??  That’s right- to a select few, you could lose weight from simply being medically diagnosed by an alarmist. The way it works best- is if you visit the patient facility on a Friday evening- just close enough to be their last patient before they disappear for a few days- and listen to results of your testing by someone who doesn’t specialize in the area of deterioration.

You heard it, just allow anyone to review your results – be it a cat scan, x-ray, bloodwork… who isn’t an authority. Why, I just shed 4 lbs upon hearing the bland words: lymphoma, tumor, sarcoidosis, infection…

And that’s just hearing the possibilities- could you imagine the weight loss just hearing the actual diagnosis??

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