Bang Bang Into The Room

I’ve never allowed the nurses to weigh me when I go to the doctors. In fact, I tell them it doesn’t matter and most importantly: I don’t want to know. That has been my motto for years- don’t tell me. When they push for me to get on anyway, I always go backwards and remind them, “don’t tell me what I weigh!”

Up until now, I’ve never had a problem with anyone misunderstanding me or my intentions.

This evening, hubby texted me that he saw on my most recent medical update, that my sugar was high. I replied, “how is that possible?”

Naturally, I thought about diabetes- certainly could add that to the list, and thought… what sugar do I really eat? A hefty teaspoon in my coffee… my coffee mate contains sugar… apples…. some dressing…. but for the most part, I don’t eat bread. How on earth could I have a high amount of sugar?

Now, as I was thinking this… it did occur to me that I had my blood taken on a full stomach- I had not fasted. Perhaps that would result in a lower number?

Unfortunately, as that realization popped into my head, hubby came upstairs and replied, “because of the number xxx.”

Not sure what he meant…. I replied, “huh?” And then it hit me, that asshole told me how much I weigh- which by the way is not as heavy as I thought- for that could be even after weight loss! …And that fuck repeated it again.

Of all the medical words floating around my head: lymphoma, tumor, cancer, sarcoidosis…. he adds diabetes and my weight?? Those things are meaningless if I am xxx lbs!!!!

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