Mitzvah Cards

My daughter’s noticed the same 4 types of cards given to her for her big day- and it got me thinking… perhaps I should make up my own cards to sell. Here are just a few ideas to create a card that has true words of wisdom:

For twins/two siblings:

Mazel tov on your shared nachas. Thank God you did it together so we only have to fly here once! Between the hotel, airfare and your gift – we couldn’t afford to come back. Anyhow, here’s to your future… and the end of ours.

Mazel tov on your becoming a B’Not mitzvah- sharing a special day like this was is one thing, sharing the gift can be another. 

Life’s not always fair- nor is it equal. That’s why today, we’re giving two separate amounts. May this be the first of many life lessons and mazes tov.

You did it! You managed to turn a traditional celebration into short term for friends and family alike. May you never know the hardships of a double bat mitzvah in your lifetime.

Sarah, terrific job on your Haftorah. You clearly have studied and prepared for this day for quite some time. Leah, sometimes planning ahead pays off… consider this a lesson in getting out what you put in. 

Mazel tov on your big day! Uncle Stanley and I would have loved to be there to celebrate with you both, but I simply cannot find what to wear, given its a “summer” Black Tie event. Had you waited til winter… my arms would have been covered by sleeves. Zag’a’zunt!



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