The Perfect Mate

I bought myself a heating blanket for my bed- best purchase ever. Now, hubby instantly told me that there’s a lot of warnings and negative reviews for these- as they’re known to cause fires.

Naturally, I had already read all of the reviews and decided to try my luck anyhow. Since I’ve had a glorious experience thus far, I’ve decided to write my own review. Actually, it’s more of an ad since I can’t believe how few are partaking in this delicious product.

Don’t have anyone to preheat the bed? Are you missing another’s legs to warm yours up when its time for bed? Having trouble feeling safe and secure without the arms of another? Then try the Sealy’s Heating Blanket! Simply plug the blanket into an outlet, press the on button and feel your envy melt away as you climb into your warm bed. Nobody to “inch” up to, no problem! Comes with two remotes: Yours and Yours, which allows you to set the perfect temperature for you. Settings include: Newly Single, Finding Joy Again, and Hot and Invincible.

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