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Do YOU Know What Day It Is??

This morning my mother was asking whether or not my kids have been attending the virtual Hebrew school lessons. As much as I would love for them to be on them- I have a million emails and I am not … Continue reading

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Not By The Hair Of Your Chinny Chin Chin!

The other day I had a doctor’s appointment. I was told that there would be several “check points” for screening- and that not to worry! Since I have tested negative for the Bubonic Plague and I have no fever, the … Continue reading

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To Whom It May Concern

Getting my girls to write their thank you notes has been no small feat. First, I had to read to them who gave what… and then told them what to say. Next, they had to pass the completed thank you … Continue reading

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I used to pride myself on keeping my my children in a bubble. For years, I’ve forgone the television and radio so that they would never even hear a news update. In the car, we only listen to comedy- and … Continue reading

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Wrong Shape

The other evening my mother offered to make my son noodles. She asked which shape he liked, I answered, “bowtie,” and somehow she heard… “….and creamettes). Anyhow, after the noodles were done boiling, I was impressed that she remembered to … Continue reading

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In 1931, a loaf of bread was a nickel

The other evening I was trying to show my mother how easy Instacart works- so she doesn’t have to subject herself to germs and chaos. I tried to let her know that even though I wanted to put things in … Continue reading

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Restaurant Hours- In Effect

The following times for meals will be instated to make certain that everybody in my home eats: 2pm: Breakfast 6 pm: Light lunch 10pm: Breakfast II Now… if you want three different meals a day, then hunker down at someone … Continue reading

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Do As I say, And Nobody Will Get Hurt

Just hearing hubby open the cabinet… chomp into chips… makes my hair stand on end. Its not so much the loud noises as I hear his salivary glands disseminate the tortilla, although that does drive me crazy! Its knowing that after … Continue reading

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Gratitude Journal

Grateful that I don’t have toddlers and have to be home with them all day- sans nanny.  

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Time On My Hands

I have so much I could be doing. For example, I’ve always wanted to be a SAHM and just exercise all day like they do… but I don’t. I’ve wanted to update the children’s baby books- since two summers ago. … Continue reading

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