DeeBot Be Loo Bop

For my 47th birthday hubby decided to buy me a “Roomba.” Although this is more of a gift for him- perhaps to ease his guilt for never touching a broom, dustpan or mop….but nonetheless, it’s here.

Now, the plus side is that it will at least pick up something- which is better than nothing. The cons are the following… it only works if everything is picked up off the floor. For example, part of a napkin was on the floor and it died mid cycle- so nothing got cleaned. Another time, it got caught on a shoe string… so it didn’t work.

The other day, I decided to put it on to watch what it should do- if nothing were on the floor. As it started off along the perimeter of the room, it then did a diagonal route- which made absolutely no sense; still, I watched what it did. Then, I watched it go in the same vicinity over and over…. but never completing the other area of the room. Additionally, if it did see dirt, it would go to sweep and and ended up flicking it to the other side of the room- where it hadn’t yet acknowledged.

So I spent an hour just following it around the house- moving chairs and shoes out of the way, when I could have cleaned the floors and washed them in less time.

My advice for anyone thinking about any time of robotic vacuum would be: buy two.

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