It’s been two and a half hours since the incident occurred, and I am still enraged. There is nothing more frustrating and angering, than sitting in a waiting room and listening to someone else thoughtlessly chew their gum. Hours old, dried out, gum still being chewed like a fresh piece of Hubba Bubba, and cracking it. 

Add to that this woman was whispering to her whispering daughter- and not a whisper that is more of a low talk… but more of a “p…p….s……p……s….p..p…p…” sound that literally put me over the edge- where I debated the ramifications of physical assault.

Sure, I could have kindly asked her to stop- and that may have been the mature thing to do. Instead, I took video, upon video of this nightmare so I could show it to my other sensitive friends- while planning this woman’s demise.

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mom of 3
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