Do The Right Thing

For months, I have been doing every single thing for my children and their upcoming simchas. Be it their plays and helping them practice their lines, their reports and making sure their costumes are unique or whether they need psychological counseling every day of the week- I’ve done it all. Additionally, I’ve also planned every detail of every hour for their upcoming B’not mitzvah- all whilst working and maintaining activities with my other child.

I’ve sorted thousands of cocktail napkins in color order…labeled more bottled waters than Deer Park…. made food bags for the entire congregation as part of the Purim spirit… designed everything from their shoes to their hair bands…. and more. I’ve even picked out the entire menu from start to finish- down to the “I want cool whip vs. the whipped cream,” as suggested by the caterer. In fact, to make it so unique and animal friendly, I’ve made sure that no rennet has been used.

My party planner is now someone who’s going to just “put together”the 90 hours of projects and tasks that I created to save hubby money- for after all, this was to be just a party for the kids and not about anyone else!

All these things were taken into consideration when I made everything from the invitation to the D’var torah- all so hubby wouldn’t have a problem with the final bill.

I repeat, I’ve picked out every song from 7pm-11:32pm, coordinated the music and montage to give equal nachas to each child with each family member…. hand delivered 70 invitations to save money for the stamp… did my own calligraphy even! And now, he thinks he can just send out an Evite to invite everyone for a 4th and 5th meal- for that’s what everyone does?  I should run around like a herring without mayo but Spike Lee can just send out a blast and I’m not allowed to tilt my head in annoyance or wear a WTF face- and all because now he feels like it’s not time to be cheap?  

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