This is Your Life

Let’s see if you can guess this magical, mystery person with a few short clues.

This person is known to take out dead bugs, hamsters and guinea pigs as well as burying the dead animals.

This person provides key details to the children’s and husband’s whereabouts or itinerary- as well as takes pleasure in informing me how to take more of an interest in hubby’s career.

Often found protecting hubby’s path to the garage when visitors arrive, this person will not only direct traffic and tell you where to park, but they will tell you if you can enter this door or that- as if Lead Bouncer at Studio 54.

Sometimes this person can be found painting, ripping up carpet, wallpapering or fixing a squeaky door.

Tom Thumb, I’m Rochelle Rochelle, this is your life, and god bless you.



About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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