Today I took my daughter to get a quick lunch whilst doing errands. Since she was in a mood, I asked if she wanted her fav… Chipotle. For the first time in months, we went and to my surprise, the line was quite manageable.

Before it was her turn, I asked her what she wanted- so she was prepared for the assembly workers. Her order was simple: The bread warmed up, cheese NOT melted, and a side of corn and guac.

Woman: What would you like?

Daughter: Can I please have the large tortilla warmed up, and then cheese- NOT melted?

Woman: (Proceeds to warm up the tortilla and then asks) You want cheese on it?

Daughter: Yes.

Woman (throws out the warmed tortilla and begins to grab another one and instantly put the cheese on it.)

Me: She wanted the tortilla warmed up- why did you throw it away??

Woman: You said she wanted cheese on it- a quesadilla.

Daughter: I wanted the tortilla warmed up and then just put cheese on it; I don’t want it melted.

At this point it was if my daughter was supplying this worker with the chemistry code for lymphoma. 

Other woman: What is it that you want?

Me: Warm the bread; put cheese on it, roll it and give it to us. Give her a side of corn and a side of guac.

So the next idiot proceeds to take the food that is now perfect…. and rather than bag it, she goes to some fucking warmer! 

Me: (Eyes are now pre-thyroid medication bulging and rolling) What are you doing?? She doesn’t want it warmed!!

Other woman: (to previous shmuck) She doesn’t want her quesadilla warmed? How am I charging her then?

Woman: Quesadilla with a side of guac.

Between the guacamole being an added as an extra fee and the lack of brain power to follow simple directions, I’m now going to have to side with Trump on this one!

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