La Cage Aux Folles

It’s something… when you have the time, go through FB “suggested” friends’ list and begin editing it. For example, one week, I went through the suggested friends and “deleted” each person that I didn’t know or care to.

After a while, it took a few days for FB to find someone for me to possibly add as a friend. I noticed, that I really had slim pickings for suggestions when I was asked if I knew someone I didn’t even realize I was friends with’s, neighbor’s cousin.

In fact, I would go a week or two with little suggestions and that was ok with me. That is, until recently, when I became friends with Miss Gay Philadelphia. Once I added her, a few of her friends popped up into my suggested list. Since I am planning an event and may be in need of some special Drag Queens, I added one of her friends.

Today when I woke up, I had over 30 DQs showing up in my feed- making FB an absolute joy to surf.

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