Ish?? Ish????!!!!

The other day I was helping my child with homework when I wasn’t sure if I was doing a math problem correctly. Since we had a carpenter over, I asked him to stop what he was doing- which was nothing, and help.

Me: What is 3/4 divided by 4?

Him: Well, you double it to 6/8s and then you take 1/4 of that…..

Me: I don’t think so…. I think  you have to flip it and multiply. It should be 3/16ths.

Him: Let’s see… no, you do this…. and then that…. and it’s about 1/3.

Me: That can’t be right. Besides, it can’t be about…. it has to be exact.

Him: No, that’s how you do it.

Me: (Calling a friend) “…to divide 3/4 by 4, do you flip it and multiply?? Isn’t it 3/16ths?

Friend: Yep.

Upon hearing that, the man walked back into the bathroom that’s taken a month too long and I realized its because he’s fucking “ish’ing” my measurements!!!

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