Earl Black

We are in a rental for a week now while our car is at a spa getaway. However, rentals have become a thing of the norm for me as of late- since hubby and I share a car. With each car, there is always something different to learn in order to drive it.

For example, in the latest car, there are no gear shifts to manhandle. Instead, I need to press “D” to drive and then “R” to reverse, etc. While it didn’t take too long to figure out, in a different car there was no way to lower the headrest. So, with each new car, there are some quirks to work out- but for the most part, they’ve been flawless.

Fast forward to this week’s vehicle- the one without the gear shifts. In fact, since its so fancy, many of the buttons that would be found in most cars- like for the radio, are hidden within a screen that I’ve yet to decode. Unfortunately, while playing around trying to figure out what each button/switch does, I managed to put the car into 4th position or drag mode- causing my 2 mile drive to take 24 minutes.

To make matters worse, hubby touched something the other day and magically unlocked the burn button on the steering wheel. That means, I’ve been driving around town using just my thumbs and forefingers, while the other fingers are in the air like Brits at high tea. It is so hot, that I have to pull over and just turn the car off for a few minutes so the wheel will cool down, and wrap my fingers in gauze so I don’t get third degree burns.


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