Analyze This

Well, it’s January first and I’ve already completed my first task of the year: analyzing each and everybody’s Facebook New Year’s Eve photos. That’s right, I like to see who did what… who went where…. who’s happy….who’s really happy….. who’s friends with whom….. who travels and where to….. etc.

One might say, “But Rochelle, why would you do that to yourself? Why do you care?” And to that I would simply reply, “It’s just something to do.”

Anyhow, I enjoy looking at people’s family photos… to see who travels to the same destinations year to year…. who travels with other couples….. how long they travel for… and then dissect each and every photograph for their level of happiness. Again, it’s just something to do. For example, I do have friends that travel and despise each other, but only if you’re in the know, would you see the slight difference in the way their eyes twinkle…. or dim.

I also like to see which couples go out for parties and with whom. For example, it seems year to year a group of the same people always get together which is really so nice- in fact, I get a little jelly. They seem to all color coordinate, wear New Year’s props, get all decked out and then take all sorts of photos: girls, guys, the married couples and then a group shot. It’s here where I feel a sense of sadness and jealousy at the same time. For example, on any given NYE, hubby and I are usually asleep…. in separate bedrooms due to parenting issues he’d point in my direction (don’t worry, 15K this summer should rectify that)… and earlier in the evening we could be found in jammies on laptops.

So in short, to get my kicks, I like to see if other couples are as happy as I am on NYE. And according to my Richter scale, I’m the only pathetic loser.

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