Mitzvah Project

I think having soon to be bar/bat mitzvah age children do mitzvah projects is a nice idea…. but so much better and more meaningful for people my age. For example, I know if I had to choose a service project it would be to visit those in mourning.

First, the spreads post grave side is Sunday brunch quality- if not better. Then there’s the desserts, and meals to follow for however many days “7” means to the mourner. Believe it or not, to some people, it means mourning for 1 day, for others just 3. …For the Jew who knows what 7 means, they actually sit 7 days, but that is neither here nor there. There is good food to follow, and that is my point. Not only is it a mitzvah to visit those in mourning but look at the rewards- food wise!

If that’s not up your alley… perhaps visiting the sick. Who wouldn’t want to take off from work and just sit around a hospital room all day, noshing on the dried fruit trays or mixed nuts containers brought by others? Catch up on some daily TV and spend time with someone who needs the company.

Lastly, if any of those don’t sound like worthy or philanthropic enough activities, there’s always golfing for a cause or hosting a private auction at a posh new restaurant. Who doesn’t love to dress up (me) and dine out (me) for a good cause (me)?

Regardless, I feel its more of a win-win for the elders of the community than the teens, if we had them wait til they were our age to choose a project.

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