Age Is The Only Number

But let me tell you why….


This evening, I had to use the lavatoi and my mental age thought, “I’ll just go upstairs to my own bathroom vs. the powder room,” – after all, I felt like having more privacy. However, my physical age decided walking up the stairs was too far and I just couldn’t squeeze my toosie any tighter once I realized I had to climb over the baby gate.

In case that’s not enough to prove my point, although it is currently 6:50 pm as I am writing this, I am in bed and can barely keep my eyes open. In fact, I am so tired, I don’t even feel like shutting the drapes. And Gd knows when the last time was that I slept without a bra- for that requires too much effort and the dexterity of a nimble child.

As if that’s not enough, I don’t even have the strength to put my lettuce and veggies in the crisper – rather, I shove them on any shelf that I can reach.

Apparently nobody calls it, “rouge” anymore….

And shaving takes more effort than simply wearing men’s socks- for I recall my grandfather barely had hair on his legs from wearing them most his life.

Yes, for those who say that age is just a number, my underwear would beg to differ.


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