There’s always tomorrow

Every year Hanukkah sneaks up on me- not gift wise, but more when it actually begins. Now, its not as if I know the date of Christmas and each year I am amazed when I hear kids say, “15 more days til Christmas…. 5 more days,” etc. Generally speaking however, I have a rough idea of when I need to have my gifts purchased and wrapped… but the day I need to have a box of candles- that is always a shock.

…But not as big of a shock as the look on my disappointed children’s faces when they open their first night’s gift.

Son: What’s this?

Me: It’s clothes!! You can wear them at camp; its Fortnite and all your favorite sports teams.

Son: (deflated smile)

Daughter 1: Thanks mom! …A charger?

Me: Yes, but it lights up; you love lights!

Daughter 2: I love it!!! Thanks mom!! I can’t wait to use it

Me: It’s a purse; it holds your cell and you can wear it like this.

Daughter 2: I love it.

Hubby: You got me a gift?? I hope it’s a hat.

Son: It’s a hat.

Hubby: Yeah!!!

Me: Where’s my gift?

Hubby: There’s eight nights….

Me: That’s ok…. I’ll just buy myself something.

Hubby: Because the XX,XXXX credit card bill isn’t enough?

Daughter 1: Well, I’m going upstairs to play with my plug.





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